Prometheus Review

Don’t read if you have yet to see Prometheus. Honestly its for the best. 

I was fortunate enough to find myself in a queue waiting for the midnight screening in IMAX glorious *cough* 3D of the highly anticipated Prometheus. I’ts worth noting that I am a big Alien fan and if I had a favorite film it would be right up there, so to say I was excited is an understatement.

Firstly the marketing and promoting for this film was quite remarkable, trailers for trailers and the various short videos had given us an insight into the story and characters. Such was my excitement for this film I fell prey to this and my Facebook feed took a battering of miss spelling words alongside “OMG Prometheus” Anyway as I stood in the line waiting I noticed one of the many posters advertising the film, the poster looked like a nod to Alien with the figure positioned like the famous egg. The tagline sat towards the center “The search for our beginning could lead to our end” a bold statement much like classic science fictions this was to be a film about ideas.

So here we go I am sat in the huge IMAX screen the atmosphere is brilliantly poised as everyone is eagerly waiting for the film to begin.

This being a Ridley Scott film you expect it to be visually stunning. And Prometheus succeeds in being that. Stunning set pieces from the original Alien mind of H.R.Giger create a believable world of bio-mechanical walls and ceilings. By using real set pieces and minimal CGI I felt more involved with the films locations. Before release Ridley Scott made it clear that although it has features of Alien this was its own film, and there is a very good reason he wanted people to think this, that I will mention later. Prometheus is best described as a lose Alien prequel that although its set in the same universe we are some way from reaching Alien, in that it is set some time before Ripley’s encounters.

Prometheus’s flaws are scattered throughout, firstly at times I found my self annoyed due to poor dialogue, perhaps this was made worse by the fact Alien had wonderful gritty dialogue. Part of the negative flow that has been directed at the film is from the expectations created from Alien. And even if my expectations were never as high as that, there is no hiding from it. Despite myself I kept thinking “it aint Alien”, Prometheus focuses on big ideas and questions. Alien focuses on THAT alien and ideas of impregnation. But for all the differences there are great similarities, impregnation features in Prometheus, one stand out scene in particular comes to mind. And then of course Prometheus then ends with one last nod or even right out shout to Alien, and almost saying “there will be more”

This big blockbuster film offers stunning visuals and some truly fantastic sets that the strained budget of Alien could not master. Despite this the script and dialogue is somewhat behind that of Alien and even though great acting, Michael Fassbender as Dave the android was fantastic, it was hard to truly believe in the characters.

So for the reasons above a solid 4 star film or if you want 8/10.       Image


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