The Moon rises above the Kingdom that is Prometheus.

By the title I mean Moonrise Kingdom is better than Prometheus.

I do love a Wes Anderson film there is something oddly lovable about the quirky nature of the stories he tells. To date my favorite is probably The Royal Tenenbaums, I love all the characters and considering it features a list of big Hollywood actors they all fit in well to a dysfunctional family.

Moonrsie Kingdom also features a large and impressive ensemble of actors, Bill Murray checks in on his sixth collaboration with the director. The other headliners include Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and even a lovely appearance from Harvey Keitel. Despite this great list of actors (who all do a great job) its the two Child actors that are on the main stage.

The two actors in question are Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman, in the roles of Suzy and Sam. Both are depicted as outcasts from not just their family but other walks of life. Suzy is the oldest sibling in the Bishop family, as often in a Wes Anderson film the family is a jigsaw of strange relationships. The two youngest boys play by themselves and act as a great contrast to Suzy. The mother and father are played by Frances McDormand and Bill Murray, they have very strained relationship and snidey comments feature throughout.

Sam is an orphan and lives with his foster family for which he never fitted in with. He is also a scout which is a main theme in the film. Suzy and Sam meet for the first time at a play and from their they write to each other and agree to meet one day in order to run away together. And so begins a wonderful journey between the two characters, who have to escape from the party of searchers that includes the scouts lead by the slightly clumsy Ed Norton (who by the way I found hilarious) And Bruce Willis lends his hand as the lonely hero cop, offering his advice on the way. Its fantastic to see the film giving its attention to these two young characters for it could have easily involved the more established adults as more pivotal roles.

Much like the flow of the film Moonrise Kingdom is another wonderfully quirky romantic comedy drama mash up, from the mind of Wes Anderson for which it is now my favorite of his. And it truly is a comedy featuring all the types of laughs and much funnier than some of the ones we see today, one rolling gag is Tilda Swinton as the simply named ‘Social Services’. I really cant recommend this more, as my 9 year old sisters reaction showed its a family film that everyone will enjoy. 

9/10!!! Image


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