Studio Ghibli once more shows why it just might be the best Animation company.

Having seen the 1992 tv series, 1997 film and then even the TV series in 2011 The Borrowers was a very familiar story. I have also watched several Studio Ghibli films including perhaps one of my favorite films The Grave of the Fireflies which actually caused the biggest emotional reaction out of all the Animations I have seen and yes that includes ‘that’ Toy Story 3 scene.

When I first heard of Arrietty (some time last year) my knowledge of Japanese anime was very thin having to my memory only seen Spirited Away. Unfortunately I simply marked it down as one to watch but never got round to it. More recently my interest in anime has increased into a full blown fascination for east asian cinema in general. So much so in fact that I wanted to take a module in it at Uni, only for it to be cancelled due to lack of students *angry face*

Arrietty is the daughter of Pod and Homily Clock four inch tall people who live under another family’s house. They borrow stuff to use for their own home and then Sho the boy living in the house discovers Arrietty.

So for the purposes of this review the only actors mentioned will be that of the original language cast, as I’m on the side of only watching films in subtitles (lets not go into detail of that now) Playing the main role of Arrietty is Mirai Shida who’s acting to date shows a long list of TV programmes, knowing very little about the actress see seems to fit the bill, although she is 3 years older that of the character when this was made. Arrietty is brave and somewhat adventurous as she becomes curious with Sho. And once he discovers her she finds it hard to resist the communication between them despite her parents misgivings.

Sho understands Arrietty’s feelings of fear and loneliness, due to his heart condition and being away from his parents. He lives with his aunt and maid of the house Haru who plays the stories villain, I have to say she really is creepy. This is now the forth borrowers adaptation I have seen and it is comfortably the best, that doesn’t say too much as the other three are fairly average. To compare Studio Ghibli  with Pixar is a bit strange when although both animation, they are very different. However they continue to impress me and so far I have not been let down by a film from them and Pixar were disappointing with Cars.

Arrietty is a fantastic film for all the family and instead of watching Jim Broadbent being all quirky as pod during the holidays, get this gem out.




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