The Bothersome Man

A gentle slow paced film and yet a disturbing feeling throughout.

To date I have seen a few Norwegian films including Troll Hunter and Kitchen Stories which is a brilliantly quirky comedy that I highly recommend. Reviews of both will be up shortly.

The Bothersome Man follows Andreas arriving in a strange city, the people of the city greet him and plan his life setting him up with a Job. Things never seem quite right from the start everybody is happy, even in his office people greet him with the same emotion everyday. Events continue to get even more bizarre, the food is tasteless and even when he gets married his wife is fine for him to fall in love with a co-worker. Andreas then discovers a crack in the wall of a basement where music is flowing from, the only connection he has had to real life.

The most disturbing element of this film is the robotic like characters surrounding Andreas, it has to be said the supporting cast are excellent. I wish I could say the same for the lead actor playing Andreas (Trond fausa Aurvaag) perhaps the performances from those around overshadowed his, but he seemed to struggle in keeping up the characters emotional state.

The Bothersome Man is an interesting film, covering ground that looks to take inspiration from other films, most notably elements of The Prisoner TV series. Definitely a worthwhile watch.




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