My Neighbor Totoro

Studio Ghibli deliver yet another fantastical family film. (alliteration is good right?)

From my review of Arrietty I mentioned how Studio Ghibli may very well be the best when it comes to animation. I went into comparing it to perhaps the most famous in this genre (though as I said there very different animations) Pixar and with Monsters University starting to take shape for release next year, I get more and more drawn towards Japanese Anime. So what are you saying you don’t like Pixar? No, however with Sully and Mike featuring in the recent teaser, which brought about an increase in excitement from people, I sat there thinking am I the only one not that interested? Now I loved Monsters Inc and whilst were here I love Toy Story, Up and WALLE. However I can’t help feeling apprehensive largely due to a disappointing Cars 2, but also because what I love so much is the originality Pixar have brought to screen down the years. And I just fear it might be in risk, though I really hope it won’t.

*Update 13/07/13 – I told you not to worry with Monsters University it was fantastic!

That’s enough of that.

The story of My Neighbor Totoro (that’s Toe – toe – ro) begins when a father moves to a new house with his two daughters in the countryside in order to be close to their ailing mother. Upon discovering creatures that feed on darkness in their house, the two girls Satsuke and younger sister Mei discover the forest creatures called Totoros. This soon leads to them having adventures with these mystical creatures and befriending them.

The characters are once again realistic, the way the film captures a child’s mind is fantastic. For that matter the Totoros despite not talking throughout the film create an attachment to the viewer, something that real life features struggle to do at times. This film is really funny. And I’m not exaggerating, I was surprised at how much I laughed throughout and it came largely through the character of Totoro. The over the top expressions he pulls and characteristics create a brilliant charm, and by the end I felt like I was his friend. (urgh that sounded horrible, but its right)

I honestly believe My Neighbor Totoro fits the bill for fun for all the family (I quite like my F’s today) and I cant find a fault anywhere.




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