Caro diario (Dear Diary)

Nanni Moretti creates a wonderfully dry film on his everyday life.

Its useful to try and look into the directors mind upon viewing a film, and with Nanni Moretti you get a feeling that he is quite eccentric. His passion for cinema has always followed alongside his love for water polo, for which he played for his national team. In order to raise the money for a Super8 camera, he sold his stamp collection and began shooting short films. With the release of his first professional film Ecce Bombo he was able to start his film career.

In Caro Diario Nanni Moretti looks at his life with a brilliantly dry mood throughout. Told in three chapters set in Rome we begin with him riding his motorcycle looking for peace. He then travels to different islands with his friend, who has become obsessed with soap dramas, learning the different cultures of his country. The stories last chapter follows his frustration as he looks for a the cure to his unbearable itch, going from doctor to doctor and pill to pill. Although this is a biography on himself, it also looks at life itself and delving into life in specifically Rome. This film would resonate better with Italians due to it being written, directed and starring a man looking deep into his own culture.

One fantastic scene features three parents on payphones trying to contact home, the problem being their young children answering the calls won’t cooperate in handing the phone to an adult. As well as this being one the best examples of dry humor used, its an interesting look at life. Delving further into it you can see that its obviously raising questions about life, the situation of youth not giving in to adults perhaps alluding to the culture at the time.

Caro Diario’s dry humor really appealed to me, this rather slow paced film mangages to sum up life in a unique way, I’m sure those with a greater understanding of the culture would pick up more of the deeper elements. Nonetheless the messages translated clearly enough, for instance noting points of frustration with doctors not giving him clear answers.




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