16 blocks

I blocked out my skepticism as though I was def. (16 blocks is the film and Mos Def is in it) (Did I say I do stand up?)

As that first line tells you I didn’t have much hope for this, I had no plans to see it I just happened to catch it on TV one night. I also knew little about it other than small details like it being directed by Richard Donner the man behind Lethel Weapon and The Goonies. Having not yet watched any of Mel Gibson’s and Danny Glover’s cop romps, my opinion of the director was left mainly down to my childhood memories of The Goonies and they were good (although the infamous Truffle Shuffle surely can’t have been good for my adolescent brain)

So for 16 blocks we begin with Mr Hero cop himself Bruce Willis playing Jack Mosley a detective close to retirement (much resembling John McClane, though with a nice tache) who is given the simple task of escorting a witness (Mos Def) to a courthouse. Of course it doesn’t prove to be so simple. Complications turn into chase scenes and high octane conversations with rather raised voices from Mosley’s colleagues, lead by David Morse. What to do? Protect the witness or protect your colleagues?

The plot is about as conventional as it can get, old age wily cop must fight against unmoral issues one last time. And the characters have all been seen before, however you can see that this kind of role suits Bruce Willis although his best performance will always arguably be Butch in Pulp Fiction you believe in his old age cop. Mos Def playing the criminal who actually has morale’s (woo that’s radical) and sure the voice gets a little tiring but nonetheless an adequate job for a fairly one dimensional character.

Other positives are tough to find but give enough enjoyment in the 1 hour and 40 minutes to keep you just about engaged, helped by the easy story line. A few witty lines between the central characters should be enough for die hard fans of the genre (yeah alright I know.)

It ain’t no Dirty Harry, hell it ain’t even a Die Hard but 16 Blocks will give you enough enjoyment if you have nothing better to do on that rainy day. Oh and sorry for that terrible first line, just like this blog its for my own entertainment.



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  1. SAMe says :

    This writing has inspired me to continue working on my own blog

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