The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

I felt drained and exhausted, but for all the wrong reasons.

This is my first film from Terence Davies and in all honestly I had not heard of him. With his experience stretching through many different acting roles for TV, it wasn’t until 1983 with his three short film trilogy, that he ventured into the world of film making. From here it is clear he has a keen interest in Drama’s with films like The Long Day Closes and The House Of Mirth.

The Deep Blue Sea is set in 1950’s London where Hester Collyer (Racel Weisz) is the wife of a well respected judge., she then falls in love with a young RAF pilot subsequently destroying here marriage and her life.

Based on the play written by Terence Rattigan we are taken through the journey of Hester Collyer and her slow struggle as she becomes more and more depressed. And boy is it a struggle. From what I believe we are meant to go on this journey with her feeling her aches of emotion, the problem is it drains too much and for me it was my attention. After about 45 minutes I had already reached for my remote to check how long was left for the number of long repetitive scenes were already taking there toll. The main problem comes from the pace of the film, though the plot means it will always be on the slow side this went too far and left me struggling. Had shots been cut down and the narrative quickened I honestly believe it would have made for a better film.

One thing to take into consideration is that a 19 year old male student is not going to fit into the target audience associated with this film. Though I try to give every film its chance regardless of its genre, one always has their preferences and a film about a middle age woman’s depressing relationship decisions is never gonna be a top priority.

Now lets talk about the postives. There that will do.

No I kid of course. However it’s one struggle to give many positives, one of them may well be the acting from the likes of Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston. They manage to keep their characters as they are, hiddleston is a relative new rising star but is already making himself known largely in his role as Loki from Thor and The Avengers. He manages to control a man who is arrogant and yet give of this ‘posh’ charming demeanor. Rachel Weisz is handed a tough lead role and yet handles it easily, we see her portray a broken woman that creates a bleak outlook on those around her. The cinematography is worth a mention shots throughout do look beautiful and capture the intended mood.

Due to an overly slow pace the hour and forty minutes feels like a lifetime and despite good acting and cinematography I also felt drained.



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