Howl’s Moving Castle

Wonderful characters in a beautiful fantasy world.

Its a warm welcome back to my blog for Studio Ghibli and Mr Miyazaki and with my now very high expectations for any of there films, Howl’s Moving Castle was under pressure to deliver. In the review of My Neighbour Totoro I talked about how Ghibli were rising above  Pixar in regards to my opinions on both. Some recent news that Pixar are continuing with re-releases (Finding Nemo 3D) and the exciting news that Ghibli’s very own game will be released next year in the UK (ps3 only though, anyone got a ps3?) this thought only gets stronger and stronger.

This time a young woman is cursed into an older body by the spell of a wicked witch. The only hope of breaking the spell lies with a self obsessed  yet fragile, wizard. She joins up with him and his companions in the magical walking home.

As is expected with Studio Ghibli we have a wonderful fantastical setting of rolling hills and a blue sky over the small village where Sofi first lives. Yet again its the characters that are so very spectacular, the fact that a animated muted scarecrow can actually resonate more emotion than a live action person (Danny Dyer) is truly spectacular (though Danny Dyer is not a fair comparison, poor Danny Dyer) Sofi is a young innocent girl and is a bit lost in her own family, upon being cursed by the wicked witch, she is now in an elderly woman’s body she must search for the famous wizard Howl (Hauru) She learns of his arrogant demeanor but as the film goes on we learn of how he is more complicated.

The story of Howls Moving Castle will draw you into a world of beauty with characters to match. Not Ghibli’s best but once again the standards remain incredibly high.



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