One of the funnest films we are likely to see this year.

The word ‘fun’ when used in context for describing a film can often cover up for an otherwise poor experience. “It was just a bit of fun” could easily be applied to a fan (not all of them and not just them) of the transformers films arguing his case. Fortunately in this case the word fun only covers up a confusing and often daft plot of timey wimey nonsense. Now let me be clear this is a good thing for the most important point throughout is the film knows how silly it is at times. Had it tried to get serious and delve further into explaining how all this time travel really works it would have lost not only the audience but that very important word ‘fun’.

I really loved the clever slickness of Brick, so when I heard the director Rian Johnson (pronounced Ryan apparently) and star of the film Joseph Gordon-Levitt were teaming up again for a Sci-fi thriller I was really excited. Throw in the fact that he directed that Fly episode from Breaking Bad then you can say I have enjoyed Rian’s work, even if he has a short amount of credit to his name.

Essentially the plot of the film is about Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) working for a group of killers known as ‘Loopers’ who sends those that the mob want dead back in time from the year 2072 to the nearer future of 2042. This is where Joe waits for the target before carrying out the necessary kill and collecting his earnings. However this time he recognizes the target as his future self who subsequently escapes.

To expand on that point of this being a fun film, the pace is mainly what links this together and creates a really enjoyable 2 hours. With a fairly confusing plot comparable to films like Source Code , 12 Monkeys and The Adjustment BureauIt’s also another film that has taken inspiration from the success of Inception which is great for the Hollywood blockbuster showing more respect to its audiences intelligence (I’m sure the financial success of Inception had nothing to do with this…) Now I’m sure if you have seen this or when you do, at some point during the film you may very well question the logic of what is unfolding. As I mentioned at the start this is quickly quelled due to the enjoyment it offers and the fact that it directly knows how illogical it all really is. Having said this though its still very much a film that requires its viewers attention throughout (again just like Inception) Add that quick pace of action which during one particular Bruce Willis rampage is knocked up to another level, we really are locked in for the whole ride.

The acting is also of a really high level and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a man who is impressing a lot of people right now, me included. Behind a prosthetic nose and contact lenses to match Bruce Willis, at various points during the film I got a weird feeling that I recognized his face before concluding it reminded me of his co-actor Mr Willis. This feeling would then end back with me thinking actually its Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a fantastic impression of the Die hard man himself (though not quite John McClane here) This connection is one of the best elements of the film and despite still having reservations about him, Bruce Willis plays his part in this mirror like effect. Sub characters like Jeff Daniels playing the Looper leader Abe prove my point of the silliness the film is open to, its not just because Daniels has one of those faces that is hard to take seriously but also how his character is perceived. Paul Dano also makes a very small appearance playing a fairly clumsy and helpless Looper and I seem to always enjoy his performances no matter how small.  One last mention goes to Emily Blunt who nearly always plays the same character in any of her film roles and unfortunately her its not very different. The only change here is at least her character has some sort of mystery and integrity rather than a beautiful woman waiting for that other slightly fragile man. I really hope one day she will find a more interesting character so at least then we can truly see how good an actress she is.

Rather than Looper being clever its more of a fast paced enjoyable film that does still require an engaging audience, which is great to see among the 3D remakes that Hollywood have been pumping out of recent years.


(I might actually get rid of these ratings out of ten there annoying me)


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