2 Guns

A film more entertaining and complicated than the title suggests

Coming from the Icelandic film industry Baltasar Kormakur is only just being recognised following his first Hollywood production Contraband. Forming a working relationship with Mark Wahlberg, 2 Guns is now the second collaboration between the two.

In 2 Guns we meet a DEA agent (Denzel Washington) and naval officer (Mark Wahlberg) hiding their identities to thwart a drug cartels bank account. In fleeing the scene of their successful bank robbery they learn of each other’s secrets.

In my review of Flight I mentioned how I am a huge Denzel Washington fan. To simply put this in perspective I have seen 46 of his 52 released TV and Film roles (I’m working on completing that!) I honestly believe he is one of the most versatile actors around and can add credit to any film, so any film he features in raises my excitement and expectations.

However even that indulging praise of the man could not hide my scepticism of an action comedy titled ‘2 Guns’. Along with the hit and miss from acting of mark Wahlberg I was hoping for this to be an average buddy flick at best.

First off the chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington blends straight away, reminding me of a 90’s vibe. The dialogue between the two works really well with Wahlberg playing the slightly rebellious counterpart to Washington’s much more relaxed attitude. For a ‘buddy’ film like this to work well it’s integral that the central characters are able to feed one and other. Thankfully both of them play the parts very well and a good few laughs are had from this.

On top of the surprising number of laughs, the plot is more complicated and intriguing than I expected. Although it’s not highly original (though the film is based on Steven Grant’s graphic novel) it kept me guessing well enough.

Another worthy note is the decent ensemble of fine actors that includes a rough CIA operative played by the ageing Bill Paxton. Then Edward James Olmos plays a drug lord who manages to add to some of the laughter. Finally Paula Patton plays a co-worker and love interest to Denzel, without doing too much her character adds another level to the film.

In terms of comedies Denzel has only featured in two at a stretch (Carbon Copy and Heart Condition) and they were pretty poor. This film exceeded my expectations and further shows that in the same year as the more stern performance in Flight, Denzel continues to show versatility. However this film (and review) is about more than just one man and full credit to Wahlberg for playing his part. Not to give anything away but the film lends itself nicely to a sequel, which would be intriguing depending on box office results.

Make it rain.




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