Blue Ruin

Indie revenge thriller is wonderfully directed and acted

If you don’t know who director Jeremy Saulnier is then you could be forgiven as he comes from a background of working as a Cinematographer for some highly indie flicks. Some of his recent work for example ‘See Girl Run’ (2012)  has a cast featuring Adam Scott and Robin Tunney.

Blue Ruin sets it story on an outcast who is seemingly lost and wondering around Virginia. Upon discovering his parents killer has been released he returns to his childhood home to seek vengeance.

Firstly it becomes immediately apparent that Saulnier has used his Cinematography background to his advantage creating a beautiful image with dramatic shots. Throughout the film I was in awe of the stylistic decisions in play that made use of the settings that the film takes place in. With such a genre as thriller it’s important that the director withholds a certain amount of information to help keep the viewer on the edge.

I was constantly engaged throughout and this was made even more prominent by the performance from Macon Blair. Coming from a similar background as the director (they worked together in 2007 flick Murder Party) I get the feeling this is his ‘big break’ and I hope he gets the praise he deserves. It’s a fantastic display of acting as his character really goes through several different changes during the film. Furthermore he is essentially the only developed character, we learn about his sister and also the aid of a friend but apart from the people he is seeking revenge on we are alone with this guy throughout. This made the performance of Blair all the more important and thankfully he did nothing but impress.

I really enjoyed this revenge thriller it had an edge to it that reminds me of Ben Wheatley’s earlier work and I for one hope the likes of Saulnier and Blair can go on to similar success. There’s also a slight comedic undertone running behind the drama that just added a whole other level to the film, be sure to check this out!

Up there with ‘The Lunchbox’ for best film this year – so far




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