Conventional best 10 films of the year (so far) – Part 1

It’s that time of the year where bloggers and some such wannabes put out a list of their personal favourite films of the year with 6 months still to go. 

‘ve put together a list of 10 releases this year in no particular order plus a few honourable mentions. I’ve also split them into two parts to save on all that scrolling!

10.  Blue Ruin – Directed by: Jeremey SaulnierBlueRuin_Quad_Art This fantastic indie thriller really had me engaged throughout with a fantastic simplicity to the revenge plot and great acting from lead Macon Blair. There’s fantastic cinematography which is finely tuned to make this all the more gritty and raw leaving the minimalistic acting to do the work. 

9.  The Lunchbox – Directed by: Ritesh BatraLunchbox If you want me to really enjoy a film set up a fairly simple plot develop some great characters and just let the rest unfold naturally. Thankfully that’s exactly what Ritesh Batra managed in this his first feature film and hopefully it won’t be his last. Leads Irrfan Kahn and Nimrat Kaur letters between each other act as a beautiful connection and superbly acted.

8. The Raid 2 – Directed by: Gareth Evansraid-2-jock-1 The Raid threw itself onto screens in 2011 daring to give a no restraint attitude towards specialist martial arts and fight sequences that could make any ruthless mob boss watching on squeal in fear. With the sequel pushing towards 150mins it quickly became clear that Evans wasn’t going to hold back. All the bone crushing, exhausting and amazing choreographed fight scenes plus more character development for our lead made for a great sequel.

7. Godzilla – Directed by: Gareth Edwards

Would you look at this a blockbuster makes the list! Godzilla-2014-Teaser-Trailer-Poster

Presuming your’e reading this due to some avid interest in cinema it’s pretty safe to say you will have not only heard of Godzilla but seen the original or at least that 98 one and don’t think for one moment that if your answer is the latter one I’m judging you, because I’m definitely not. *Cough*

Anyway more importantly this remake is completely in touch with the routes of the monster epic and this alone makes it enjoyable for fans. The CGI is pretty astonishing with Godzilla looking perfect and despite some pretty disappointing characters I hadn’t had this much fun watching a major film in ages.

6. Her – Directed by: Spike Jonze her-hd-hi-res-poster There might be a few people who simply didn’t like Her due to it having a slightly pretentious air to it, however similarly to The Lunchbox it manages to set up all the essentials so very quickly. The central plot revolves around an out of touch Joaquin Phoenix (which the very fact that this becomes believable is a testament to the mans acting ability) falling in love with a computer voiced by Scarlett Johnasson.

What makes this such a good watch is the futuristic setting becomes background to the two central characters that draws on peoples relationship with technology. Be sure to get round to this but beware it does draw you in, perhaps even leaving you rather emotional come the end!



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