Guardians of the Galaxy

So much fun to be had for all audiences, in an adventure that is so delightfully silly and over the top.

It’s difficult to know where to start in regards to James Gunn, initially he sought rock & roll fame before eventually working for Troma Studios in which he made Tromeo and Juliet. Moving away from this cult status he found himself writing for Warner Bros and in particular the live action Scobby-Doo film. With a family of brothers in the industry he managed to find his footing in film, even if that includes himself amongst the embarrassment of Movie-43. Being an avid comic reader himself this nerdy connection is often something that Marvel like to see in their directors and with Gunn’s clear interest in comedy, taking on this project seemed a good fit.

After stealing a powerful orb, outlaw Peter Quill finds himself chased down by the evil Ronan and his only help is a talking Raccoon, a humanoid tree, a revengeful convict called Drax and a notorious assassin.

The buzz for Guardians of the Galaxy has been building ever since it was announced that Marvel would tackle one of their more ‘unconventional’ rooster of superhero’s. It’s certainly one of the most obscure adventures in the superhero universe, originally dating back to a concept in 1969 they didn’t actually emerge until the 90’s. However this isn’t the team we know today as it quickly got rebooted in 2008 (no doubt with the film in mind) to have the wacky, tongue in cheek type characters that make this latest release.

One of the biggest talking points of the films creation is that finally Marvel had decided to employ their first female writer in Nicole Perlman, who through a certain scheme from the company was given a whole host of projects to work on. Settling with the relatively unknown Guardians it seemed a risk from her point of view, but one that would ultimately result in her script being given the go ahead alongside Gunn. Having this almost rare originality is tough to find in the world of Superhero’s and it really makes the basis for a thoroughly fresh experience.

In this cinematic age where Marvel and its owner Disney is dictating the majority of films releases in the year, it’s hard not to get frustrated when the latest one hits the screens. However the Guardians offer something different, the film is fully aware of just how daft it is and it plays off this idea wonderfully. Firstly the ensemble of characters involve Rocket (Bradley Cooper) an offset of a scientific experiment fussing human DNA with Raccoon. Then there’s Groot (Vin Diesel) a humanoid tree who’s vocabulary resembles that of Hodor only stretching to “I am groot”. Drax ‘The Destroyer’ played by wrestler Dave Bautista who is hell bent on avenging his families deaths by taking on Ronan. Then attempting to add some sort of normality is Gamora, with Zoe Saldana doing her best Avatar impression. Finally but arguably most importantly is Star Lord himself aka Peter Quill aka aka now Hollywood star Chris Pratt. It’s this brilliant cast that manages to mimic the idea of a strange collection of characters. This makes for a thoroughly enjoyable voyage as we learn about each of them and is perfectly matched by what is a very aware dialogue of silly insults, stumbles and childishness.

Then of course there’s a whole load of supporting characters one of which is the villain Ronan who although is the main threat takes a back seat to the development of the main team. It’s something which Marvel have failed to do in the past, notably in The Avengers the clash of those hero’s who already had back stories fleshed out in standalone films, made those still waiting in line difficult to engage with. With Ronan played by Lee Pace, there’s a feeling that he’s almost a walking cliché of super-villains, which by the way is a good thing, as this not only allows our hero’s to triumph in story but in character. Moreover the cast expands out to the likes of Karen Gillian another British star who acts out the evil of Nebula. Not wanting to dwell too long the list continues with Glenn Close, John C. Reilly, Peter Serafinowicz, Benecio Del Toro and Michael Rooker all in supporting roles.

Guardians of the Galaxy is this year’s best superhero film and easily the greatest amount of pure fun to be had at a cinema. It’s equally relate able for the hardcore fanatics and general viewers alike, making for a fully rounded film for all.

Oh what fun





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