Top 10 Films of 2014 (Part 1)

Once again I’ve failed to keep this blog updated and my last post was months ago. Thankfully I actually have a valid excuse as I finally managed to become employed after faking it all those years at University. Thus I have had barely any time to watch films recently let alone review them, but like who the hell cares!? Still here begins my obligatory list of my favourite films of the year taking into account the many I still need to catch up on and adding in a few honourable mentions. Finally as with my halfway top 10 I will split this into 2 parts to save on needless scrolling. Alright let’s begin:

                                        *IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER*  

10 – Boyhood

When thinking of my best films of this year, none were quicker to jump into my mind than boyhood-poster
Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. Without even taking into account the remarkable technical and film making endeavour of spending a period of 12 years documenting a boys life, the film’s true achievement lies in it’s simplicity to capture childhood and adulthood in there rawest forms. It’s sure to be a certain highlight of any film buff’s year and quite rightly.

9 – The Raid 2

In an age where action films are being discredited by the introduction of heavy CGI
or 80’s ‘has-been’s’, it’s incrediblyraid-2-jock-1 welcoming to have an original and exhilarating piece. Whilst The Raid amazed audiences with it’s fast paced, no-nonsense approach, this sequel has raised the bar allowing it’s story to grow but more importantly allowing it t get more brutal. When the finale makes it’s way to screens (alongside the inevitable Hollywood remake) I may have finally revived from this exhausting experience for one last K.O.

8 – Guardian’s of the Galaxy 

This makes a surprise entry in my list as I’ve never really been too keen on Superhero guardian-of-the-galaxy-poster1movies. Earlier in the year ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ managed to surpass my expectations and then Guardian’s showed just how fun Marvel can be. With Chris Pratt on fine form, I found myself really enjoying the nonsense in front of me, which made a real change to some of the conventional movies out there.

7 – 12 Years a slave

This could technically be classified as a 2013 film (certainly according to the Oscars) however 12yas-poster-art
I’m basing this on the UK’s release and besides it can be in any years top 10 as it’s just that good. Steve McQueen knows how to capture powerful messages on screen and none of his films are more astonishing than this. There’s no sugar coating involved, not that there should be and in some scenes the camera is brilliant framed to show the very harshness of Solomon’s plight. This is the very definition of ‘required viewing’, indeed even the Oscars knew that. (Though of course the panel voted without even watching, stupid Academy)

6 –  Obvious Child

It may not have got much attention, a film based on a female comedian falling pregnant is hardly CN_ObviousChild
something you see on the billboard’s of New York. However it’s for this very reason that the film stood out to me. It’s subject is woefully under represented in the modern film industry and in it’s own unique way it looks to highlight this. Jenny Slate is wonderful and the relationship with director Gillian Robespierre clearly helped realise a very personal character.  Go find it and watch it.

That be Part 1, the next one (that being Part 2) is here:




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