Top 10 Films of 2014 (Part 2)

Presuming you’ve read the first part of this epic, totally original blog post we may as well jump straight to it:

(Once again this is in no particular order)

5 – Two Days One Night

Films are often seen as the perfect ‘escapism’ however they can be utilised to show the verytwo-days-one-night-poster harshness of life. In this case the Dardenne brothers are very adapt at creating such a natural set up and Marion Coltillard beautifully juggles the central character’s emotions. It’s a pretty simple story, however given the relevance that unemployment holds currently it feels altogether very powerful.

4 – The Babadook 

Rarely do you see a Horror film included in a Top 10 I for one don’t watch as many as I perhaps should,
however givenTHE_BABADOOK_TeaserQuad the stigma attached by various Hollywood flops it’s not hard to see why. Currently the form of ‘supernatural’ has been made popular by the likes of Paranormal Activity and Insidious, so when another ‘original’ is on it’s way out from Australia I wasn’t exactly hopeful. I was of course wrong. The Babadook may handle familiar themes of an interfering being however what made it truly scary was the way it tackled childhood imagination, whilst also dealing with a single mother’s responsibility. Go see The Ba-ba-ba..dook! Dook! DOOOOOKH

3 – Gone Girl

There’s a good few films that deserve to sit in this Top 10 (See ‘Honourable Mentions’ below)
however there was just gonegirlsomething about Gone Girl that really managed to keep it’s audience engaged. The tone of the film was perfectly balanced between a dark power hungry thriller and a bleak dry comedy. In the strangest of moments I found myself on the edge of my seat to collapsing in a genuine fit of laughter. All of this was realised through David Fincher’s brilliant awareness to detail.

2 – Inside Llewyn Davis 

There’s something pretty remarkable in watching a scene with Justin Timberlake involved and Inside-Llewyn-Davis-Poster
finding yourself happily captivated and singing along. It’s likely helped by the mood set by the Coen brother’s, the hapless musician played by Oscar Isaac and the many sub-characters that make the story so rewarding. Such is the underplayed feeling throughout, I wasn’t fully aware how much I actually enjoyed this and then the song ‘Please Mr Kennedy’ started playing on my laptop. It all came flooding back, in fact the soundtrack is now playing as I type. Hipster1993

1 – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson slots in to the list, even though this latest instalment is below that of last years The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-UK-Quad-Poster-620x330
Moonrise Kingdom. What makes Grand Budapest Hotel so enjoyable though was that it felt like Anderson’s most complete film. Not only does it have another fantastic ensemble of actors both new and old, but it was simply his funniest to date. It turns out Ralph Fiennes is more than capable of pulling off the quirky tones that we come to expect of an Anderson lead character and once more the cinematography matches the eloquence of the story.

Now just for the long list of honourable mentions plus a few examples of one’s I’ve yet to see.

Honourable mentions:

Starred up, They Came Together, Blue Ruin, The Lunchbox, Godzilla, Her, Intersteller, Under the Skin, Frank, Snowpiercer, Cold in July, Locke, The Double, Dallas Buyers Club, Only Lovers Left Alive, X-Men: Days of future past, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Lego Movie, Calvary, Nightcrawler, and The Equalizer

Some of the films I still need to watch: 

Ida, Selma, Leviathan, The Wind Rises, The Hobbit (the last two sequels) and The Rover

Just in case you thought the number 2 comes before the number 1 click this link for Part 1:

Happy New Year


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