Top 10 TV shows of 2016

Last year my favourite TV show was Master of None. It was original, funny and moving. Its some of the best TV to come out in recent years. Thankfully this year has offered up some real gems and I put them in a top 10 which no one else has ever done.


Inside No.9: The Devil of Christmasinside_no_9_xmas_special

One of the best comedies of recent years

I bloody love Pemberton and Shearsmiths contained comedy, its so different and well thought out. The silent episode (much like Bojack actually) was incredible and in this Xmas special you can see the genius originality at work again.



Peaky Blinders: Series 3peaky

There hasn’t been a drama from the BBC in recent years that has even come close to the quality of Peaky Blinders

This series it upped the chaos and violence creating real high tension. When so many other shows are ramping up hype with character deaths and ‘mind blowing’ plot reveals its refreshing to just been drawn in by Thomas Shelby and his henchmen.


High Maintenance


I originally missed the web series before catching it on its move to HBO

Currently a trend in TV is what I like to call ‘reveal culture’ (Hipster enough yet?) the likes of Game of Thrones and Westworld leading the way. Fortunately there are dramas out there willing to be contained and not focus on the latest twist. High Maintenance has a great structure that uses one major reoccurring character  who introduces us to a wide variety of people. Each episode has its own story line that isn’t ever over complicated. One of the highlight episodes is ‘Grandpa’ where Yael Stone is an enthusiastic and talkative dog walker.


Planet Earth IIplanet-earth-2-full-trailer-01

What a beast of a show

Its universally loved, has an iconic narrator and the lengths they go to film some truly incredible footage is like no other show.


Eric Andre Show


Absurdist comedy doesn’t get better.

Everything about Eric Andre fits my taste, it is alternative and ridiculous. The talk show element has been done many times over but never in such situations. The latest season had to tackle its rise in popularity but that just made it better than ever. #BirdUp



The Night Of

Intense and intriguing

HBO is doing some really interesting shows these days. The murder mystery genre is overloaded yet fortunately here with an outstanding Riz Ahmed and fantastic writing I was hooked throughout. Give it a go.


Better Things


Pamela Adlon at her very best

Its a very focused drama, where Adlon plays a working actress whilst balancing her daughters all of which have various opinions on how she is dealing with life. Its a great drama and I recommend checking it out.


amc_haltandcatchfire_mutinyHalt and Catch Fire: Series 3

One of the most overlooked shows has its strongest series yet

I love this show, all the characters are well drawn out and have their own complications to deal with. This series the ‘plays’ are strong and it very much feels conclusive.


Horace & Pete


Unlike anything else

Firstly I’m a massive Louis CK fan and so I naturally put myself on his emailing list. Anyone on the list received an incredibly open and innovative email from Louis detailing his latest project. All he wanted is around $3 an episode but some felt this was too much so he simply reduced it.

This and the whole distribution method had me in awe but that could never prepare me for the actual content. Sent in sleazy pub run by two brothers trying to adjust to a society that has moved on and dealing with their own conflicts. Its incredible, shot as though its a live play and in part improvised the whole setting is very real. Featuring heavy subjects and drawn out scenes its far from a crowd-pleaser but I urge you to give it a try.




Recently I bought the new Childish Gambino album and I’m probably still listening to it on a daily basis. Basically Donald Glover is having an amazing year and its justified.

Its been a great year for TV arguably more original work is coming out on this platform than in film and here Atlanta has found the perfect blend of Comedy with a focused drama. What I enjoyed most is how it gave all its central characters the chance to express themselves. For a couple of episodes Glovers character Earn is barely seen and we get to explore the likes of Van and Paperboi. Its this that makes it stand out the most, with genuinely hilarious moments (some Tim & Eric awkwardness thrown in) mixed with a great story.  I couldn’t recommend this more and I can’t wait for the next season.

Honourable Mentions: 

Flowers, Insecure, Goliath, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, The Night Manager, Search Party, Comedy Bang Bang, Baskets, Black Mirror, Lady Dynamite and Bojack Horseman


Westworld, Man In The High Castle, Transparent, Daredevil, The OA

So that’s my list. I’ve actually managed to watch quite a few things but still a couple around that I might want to get on. Now to look forward to 2017, where the greatest television event of my lifetime happens. #theowlsarenotwhattheyseem


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