Top 10 TV Shows of 2017

It would seem I now only use this blog to post my top 10 TV shows of the year. So here is my rundown of the best for 2017.

Last year I picked the amazing Atlanta and this year there has been some more quality TV to excited by. For my list of the Films of 2017 head to my Letterboxd account:



Baskets: Season Two


Zach Galifianakis brings back the dry comedy but it’s Louie Anderson that shines the most.

This season it really kicked on to the next level and it was all thanks to an outstanding performance from Louie Anderson. The character Christine is real impressive, the damaged and yet unrelentingly positive mother of 2 sets of twins. Watching the dynamic of Chip and Dale, in what was a much more focused story, really makes this more than just a somber comedy.


Inside No.9: Series 3

inside no 9 shoe

This show continues to surprise.

My favorite and most impressive episode of the series was episode 5, in which it simply centers around a lost shoe. Once again the writing skills and strong characters manage to make the surreal from something very simple. I’m constantly impressed by how much can be done in the short half hour. Can’t wait for the new series.

Look it just happened to work as my number 9…


Master of None: Season Two


It’s all about love.

My favourite show of 2015 still remains incredibly strong despite taking a slightly different approach this year. I simply love the way the show doesn’t over do any of the drama, rather it allows its central performances to dictate the tempo. The new setting is most suitable for its central character and really plays up the romantic cliche.


Taboo: Series One


Unashamedly ridiculous.

I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy, particularly his heavy eye lid and ability to act with minimal dialogue. Luckily Taboo offers the perfect scenario for just this kind of acting. Straight from the start it sets up a surreal back story for its central character and its gritty nature really had me hooked.


The Handmaid’s Tale: Season One

handmaids tale

Bleak stuff.

This one kind of came out of nowhere for me, I heard about it but really didn’t expect it to be quite this good. With a subject matter and setting so very dark, it’s Elisabeth Moss who helps guide this film to it’s important points. All of this excellent drama is matched by beautiful cinematography. Look at the colour palette.


Detectorists: Series 3


The most heartwarming and joyful show of the year.

The end of series 2 broke me and I spent a long time wondering if we would ever return to the metal detecting of Andy and Lance. Thankfully it did come back and it’s the most beautiful conclusion you could hope for. Honestly seek it out.


Nathan For You: Season 4

nathan for you

Awkwardly funny and yet beautiful.

Not many shows can get me to laugh quite as much and consistently as Nathan Fielder’s unique mockumentary hybrid. Whilst still having the outlandish and awkward business advice, this season took on a narrative. I did not expect to get so emotionally invested and the finale ends up being some of the best TV of the year.


The Leftovers: Season 3


The final season is unforgettable.

Obscure, beautiful and all too real the conclusion is incredibly satisfying and yet leaves the viewer feeling empty. What has always impressed me is how the show manages to take such big ideas and yet remains a focused character piece. In between these moments of grandeur we get light comic relief, best showcased by the not so subtle nods to Theroux’s er… package.


Halt and Catch Fire: Season 4


I’m still broken.

The most underappreciated show of recent years returns one last time and it’s the most heartbreaking drama I’ve seen in a long time. It should be difficult to create a show based on such strong minded characters and in a niche setting. However I felt myself become invested in each person involved, it’s the most ‘human’ show you will see.

Now most years this or The Leftovers would easily top my list, so what on earth could possibly be number one?…


 Twin Peaks: The Return

twin peaks the return

It’s happening again and it’s beautiful.

Some years back it was announced that Twin Peaks would return, my favorite TV show of all time was getting another new lease of life. I was incredibly nervous and conflicted, how could Lynch pull off anything close to what the original two seasons managed?

Well straight from episode one of the new season I new Lynch had done the impossible. Here we have a show that is unchallenged by any other, it isn’t nailed down by a particular genre and it sure doesn’t follow any conventions. I loved every minute of it’s quirky nature, mind bending imagery and it’s refusal to give answers. Simply cannot wait to rewatch it and to return to the amazing world of Twin Peaks.

Gotta light?

Honourable mentions:

Peaky Blinders, Glow, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Orange Is The New Black, Big Little Lies, Top of the lake: China Girl, Insecure, Bojack Horseman, Game of Thrones, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Better Things, The Trip to Spain, Santa Clarita Diet, The Girlfriend Experience, Rick & Morty


Stranger Things, Ozark, House of Cards, Legion, Fargo, 13 Reasons Why, Transparent,

Still to watch:

American Vandal, Punisher, The Good Place, Mindhunter, Godless,


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