dangerousbrown’s origins came from what I remember an idea on a night out. I was thinking of characters I could do for my stand up comedy when my drunken mind said “This guy who appears very confident and is a little crazy. He does dangerous tricks that alludes to his rather hilarious name danGEROUSbrown ”

To date danGEROUSbrown has only done one gig.

In regards to what this blog is actually about, well it’s me (my real name will never be exposed under the alias dangerousbrown…) and films. I watch a film, whether that be on DVD or a new release from the cinema and I express my opinion via this thingy of text. Presuming at least someone reads it you go “yeah” or rather even “No” and that’s that. It will likely have random posts in between where I have just had a gig. The nature of that post will depend on how well that gig in question went.

As I’m the only one reading this, hi mate how are you? Shame about this blog being used as evidence of you insecure mental state eh?


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